2011 – 2012 C3 Division Playoffs

At this point, we have two games remaining before playoffs start, and we need only one more point to lock up 3rd place in the division. Depending on how the games shake out it’s likely we’ll face one of Baked Beans, Anarchy or River Rats in the first round. This year it’s back to double-elimination (except for the bottom two teams, that have a one-game play-in); each of those teams have given us trouble in the past and we can’t look past them. No one wants to play out of the loser’s bracket.

The playoff schedule is posted – you can see it here, search for the C3 division. Though the seeds aren’t locked up yet, I don’t think we can fall farther than 4th which means we’re likely starting the playoffs in Quincy on Thursday April 12th, and then play again on Sunday April 15th. It’s a long layoff til then but *all* the division games will be played within two weeks from that starting date, so there’ll be plenty of hockey in that stretch. Stay in game shape!

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#8 said:

Big games on the horizon. Let’s win big and close out the regular season with a bang.

Posted on March 22nd, 2012 at 5:11 pm.